The Only Human Dance Collective was founded in 1999 by Sarah Bunston, Susanna Chwang and Rebecca Smith.

2020 Production – Ripple

Creative Directors: Erinn Todd and Ingrid Lui

Administrative Director: Lily Hu

Treasurer: Olivia Guo

Sponsorship Director: Erinn Todd

Events Management: Jessie Keffer

Production Manager: Pearlyn Ng

Marketing Director: Ayurika Tsyrenova

Technique Coordinator: Emma Lavin

Fundraising Coordinator: Sherine Roushdy

Assistant to Events Management: Maya Martin-Spisak

Assistant to Marketing: Licole Woo

Assistant to Fundraising: Stella Schneckenburger

2019 Production – Mosaic

Creative Directors: Zoe Reynolds and Luka Sheppard

Administrative Director: Danica She

Treasurer: Erinn Todd

Sponsorship Director: Erinn Todd

Events Management: Ingrid Lui

Production Manager: Taylor Yeung

Marketing Director: Christine Foo

Technique Coordinator: Emma Lavin

Fundraising Coordinator: LeDan Pham

Assistant to Treasurer: Olivia Guo

Assistant to Events Management: Boey Li

Assistant to Marketing: Genevieve Crispin-Frei

2018 Production – Seasons

Creative Directors: Elissa Morgan and Krystal Adams

Administrative Director: Hannah Hui

Treasurer: Erinn Todd

Sponsorship Director: Erinn Todd

Events Management: Ingrid Lui

Production Manager: Denise To

Marketing Director: Christine Foo

Technique Coordinator: Julia Cabral

Fundraising Coordinator: Sherine Roushdy

Assistant to Production & Fundraising: Luka Sheppard

2017 Production – Once Upon a Time

Creative Directors: Emily Palios and Georgia McKee

Administrative Director: Samantha Triemstra

Treasurer: Erinn Todd

Sponsorship Director: Erinn Todd

Events Management: Elizaveta Kartasheva and Evgeniya Kartasheva

Production Manager: Ann Huang

Marketing Director: Fernanda Gianone

Marketing Consultant: Christine Foo 

Technique Coordinators: Alice Wang and Krystal Adams

Fundraising Convenor: Shakira Brathwaite

2016 Production – Elements

2015 Production – Taking Flight

Creative Directors: Carling Dewar and Emily Palios

Administrative Director: Krystal Batelaan

Marketing Director: Nana-Adjoa Bourne

Social Convenor: Cecilia Nguyen

Treasurer: Natalie To

Technique Coordinators: Kathy Xu and Nina Bakan

Production Coordinator: Nura Mazloom

Sponsorship Director: Erinn Todd

2014 Production – Latitude

Creative Directors: Janina Quito and Lena Binnington

Administrative Director: Krystal Batelaan

Technique & Production : Nana-Adjoa Bourne

Marketing Coordinator: Shaquelle Boakye-Cofie

Sponsorship Director: Erinn Todd

Treasurer: Natalie To

Social Convenor: Carling Dewar

2013 Production – Wild

Creative Directors: Janina Quito and Ryann Watt

Administrative Director: Krystal Batelaan

Treasurer: Ronny Lam

Communications Producer: Erinn Todd

Social Convenor: Sauwmi Herman

Production Manager: Kerry Ransom 

2012 Production – Star-Crossed

Creative Directors: Lucy McGarry and Kerry Ransom

Administrative Director: Laura Noceta

Production Manager: Liana Baciu

Communications Producer: Justin Lui

Treasurer: Annie Cao

Social Convenor: Katherine Kumpula

2011 Production – Pieces

2010 Production – Observing Emotion

Creative Directors: Jenn Sutkowski and Rebecca Teare

Administrative Director: Veronica Gershenzan

Production Manager: Jordan Stewart

Treasurer: Brendan Slyne

Communications Producer: Genady Gavieshov

Social Convenor: Annie Cao

2009 Production – Ascent

2008 Production – Cut the Rug

2007 Production – [r]evolution

Creative Directors: Shakir Haq and Katherine Jones

Administrative Director: Sarah West

Communications Producer: Stephanie Creighton

Social Convenor: Nao Hatamochi

Technical Producer: Paula Galli

Treasurer: Jordan Steward

Internal Affairs: Natalie Brucker

2006 Production – Eclipse

Creative Directors: Amanda Henry and Dominique Rivière

Administrative Director: Bandana DeSouza

Communications Producer: Vanessa Piercey

Technical Producer: Shakir Haq

Treasurer: Maria Robinson

Social Convenor: Alison Carson

2004 Production – Embrace

Creative Directors: Jennifer Bennett and Kathryn Clark

Administrative Director: Meghan McClenaghan

Producers: Allison Pytlak and Melissa Schurter

Treasurer: Christy Stoeten

Social Convenor: Annie Schachar

2003 Production – Naked

Creative Directors: Elizabeth Crawford and Michelle Rhodes

Administrative Director: Meghan McClenaghan

Producers: Jennifer Bennett and Annie Schachar

Treasurer: Lori Bonari

Social Convenor: Allison Pytlak

2002 Production – Tempting Fate

2001 Production – Unlocked

Directors: Sarah Bunston, Susanna Chwang and Rebecca Smith

Producers: Cathy Cheung and Nicole Dobinson

Social Coordinator: Laura Pontoriero

2000 Production – Kaleidoscope

Founders: Sarah Bunston, Susanna Chwang and Rebecca Smith

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21 Sussex St

Rm. 425 Sussex Club House 

Toronto, ON

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